About the Book of Ecclesiastes

We do not know the name of the person who wrote Ecclesiastes. But we know that he was a son of David. And we know that the writer was a king. So, many students think that King Solomon wrote it. Its writer was certainly a very wise man. He calls himself ‘the Teacher’. The Teacher said some strange things. This is the reason. Many people do not know about God. So they try to find reasons for all the things that happen. But they cannot find reasons. The Teacher tells us what these people think. Sometimes people do things that have no purpose. He tells us what this is like. It is like somebody who tries to catch the wind. He means that it is very silly. The Teacher tells us how these people think. He does this when he uses the words ‘on the earth’. These people find that life on the earth has no purpose.
The Teacher uses the words wise and wisdom many times. Often people who do not know God try to be wise. But if you want to be really wise, you need to know God. The Teacher wants us to know God. And he wants us to believe God. Also, he wants us to obey God. He wants us to enjoy the good things that God has given to us. We will still have questions about our life on the earth. Some of them are questions that nobody can answer. But God will be with us during our lives. At some future time, each of us will die. The Teacher is not sure what will happen then. He says, ‘Our spirits will return to God’ (Ecclesiastes 12:7). In the New Testament, we learn what else will happen.