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This website has been written by MissionAssist, which is a Christian charity based in the UK. It is part of the Wycliffe Global Alliance and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

Our website contains the EasyEnglish Bible and Bible Studies and commentaries - all in easy English.

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Our Vision and Mission

In Revelation 7:9, the apostle John describes a vision:

“After this, I looked, and I saw a very big crowd of people. There were so many people that nobody could count them. They came from every country, from every family group and from every language. They were standing in front of the throne and in front of the Lamb.”

Our vision for the EasyEnglish Bible is to help people from every country to read and understand the Bible, and apply it to their lives.
In this way, we hope to play our part in the task of turning John’s vision into a reality.

Our mission is to help people to read, understand, and apply the Bible to their lives by providing a Bible Translation, Bible Commentaries, and Bible Studies in EasyEnglish.

Our Team

Meet our team of translators, writers and editors.

Our Partners

We work with our partners in other Christian organisations who help us take the Good News to people all over the world.
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Our Readers

Millions of people from over 200 countries use the EasyEnglish website. You can read some of the comments from around the world that people have sent us.

What is EasyEnglish?

EasyEnglish is clear and simple English. The rules for writing in EasyEnglish have been developed by MissionAssist.

What can I do to help?

If you have your own website, one of the best things you can do to help us is to add a link from your website to the EasyEnglish website. The correct URL for the link is www.easyenglish.bible

EasyEnglish is funded by MissionAssist. We do not expect anyone to pay for the Bible commentaries or Bible studies that we provide. If you would like find out how to donate money to MissionAssist, please click the link.