Bible Commentaries

These Bible Commentaries are easy to read and understand. Written in EasyEnglish by MissionAssist.

Genesis: It all begins with God – by Marie Wetherill and Keith Simons

Genesis: God’s Ancient People – by Alun Owen

Exodus: The LORD with his people – by Ian Mackervoy

Exodus: Israel becomes a nation – by Hilda Bright and Kitty Pride

Leviticus: Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness – by Gordon Churchyard

Numbers: In the Desert – by Marion Adams

Deuteronomy: Preparation for a New Life – by Ian Mackervoy

Deuteronomy: God’s law of Love – by Philip Smith

Joshua: Come in, and receive God’s Promises! (with maps) – by Brian Rowlands

Judges: Life Without Law – by Philip Smith

Ruth: Ruth Obeys God and Finds Love – by Hazel Rea and Chris Gladwell

Ruth: There is a Redeemer – by Gordon Churchyard

1 Samuel: Israel’s First King – by Helen Pocock

2 Samuel: David, the Great King of Israel – by Helen Pocock

1 Kings: God’s Lessons from History – by Philip Smith

2 Kings: The Last Kings of Israel and Judah – by Philip Smith

1 Chronicles: God rules History – by Ian Mackervoy

2 Chronicles: God Desires Loyal People – by Ian Mackervoy

Ezra: The Jews return to Jerusalem – by Robert Bryce

Nehemiah: The Jews build Jerusalem’s city wall again – by Robert Bryce and Robert Betts

Esther: God is in Control – by Robert Bryce

Job: A Servant of God – by Keith Simons

Psalms: The Psalms of David – by Gordon Churchyard (about 1200 word vocabulary)

Proverbs: Lessons about Wisdom – by Keith Simons

Ecclesiastes: The Teacher searches for the purpose of our lives – by Hilda Bright and Kitty Pride

Song of Songs: The Bible’s Love Poem – by Keith Simons. Bible students disagree about the meaning and purpose of this book. This commentary explains the things that are clear in the Song.

Song of Songs: How to Love God with All Your Heart – by Keith Simons. This commentary deals with the Bible text like a picture in words about God’s love.

Song of Songs: A Wonderful Song about Love – by Mark Kirkpatrick. This commentary deals with the Bible text literally as a love song.

Song of Songs: The Beautiful Woman behind the Veil – by Sarah Ruth. This commentary also deals with the Bible text literally as a love song but it is in simpler English.

Isaiah: God controls the Nations – by Norman Hillyer

Isaiah: New Heavens and a New Earth – by Gordon Churchyard

Jeremiah: Jeremiah Declares God’s Message to Judah – by Hilda Bright

Lamentations: Jeremiah Weeps in the Darkness – by Roy Rohu

Ezekiel: They shall know that I am God

Daniel: The Men who were Loyal to God – by Robert Bryce

Hosea: The Man who Never Stopped Loving – by Mark Kirkpatrick

Joel: The Day of the Lord – by Roy Rohu

Amos: The Man with a Difficult Message from God – by Mark Kirkpatrick

Obadiah: The Lord is King – by Philip Smith

Jonah: The Man who Disagreed with God – by Mark Kirkpatrick

Micah: Micah speaks a Message from God to all the Nations – by Les Painter

Nahum: Prophet of Comfort – by Gordon Churchyard

Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah: The Problem of Assyria – by Gordon Churchyard (1200 word vocabulary)

Haggai: Never Give Up! – by Gordon Churchyard (1200 word vocabulary)

Zechariah: God Remembers His Promises – by Gordon Churchyard

Malachi: My Messenger – by Gordon Churchyard


Matthew: Jesus is Christ the King – by Ian Mackervoy

Matthew: Matthew’s Good News – by Hilda Bright

Mark: Mark’s Good News – by Hilda Bright

Mark: Christ in Mark’s Gospel – by Keith Simons (1200 word vocabulary) no Bible text.

Luke: Luke’s Good News – by Hilda Bright

Luke: The Man Christ Jesus – by Ian Mackervoy

John: John tells the Good News about Jesus – by Marion Adams

Acts: Good News for Everyone – by Marion Adams

Romans: Paul’s letter to the Romans – by Hilda Bright and Keith Simons

1 Corinthians: Servants of Christ – by Hilda Bright

2 Corinthians: God shows his Power when we are Weak – by Philip Smith

Galatians: Christ has made us Free – by Helen Pocock

Galatians: Continue to Believe the Truth – by Roy Rohu

Ephesians: Christian Belief and Behaviour – by Cynthia Green and Les Painter

Philippians: Letter of Joy – by Hilda Bright

Colossians: Christ has Everything that you Need – by Helen Pocock

1 Thessalonians: When Jesus Christ comes – Ian Mackervoy

2 Thessalonians: The Lord has not come yet – by Ian Mackervoy

1 Timothy: How to be a Leader in the Church – Ian Mackervoy

2 Timothy: How we should Encourage each other to do God’s Work – Ian Mackervoy

Titus: A Guide for Christian Leaders – by Hilda Bright and Helen Pocock

Philemon: A Very Precious Letter – by Keith Neville and Marion Adams

Hebrews: How can I get to Heaven? – by Ian Mackervoy

James: What faith should do – by Ian Mackervoy

1 Peter: More Precious than Gold – by Helen Pocock

2 Peter: Jesus will Return – by Hilda Bright and Helen Pocock

1 John: How can I be Sure? – by Ian Mackervoy

2 John: How to live in the Truth – by Ian Mackervoy

3 John: Encourage those who do Good Work – by Ian Mackervoy

Jude: Danger from False Teachers – by Norman Hillyer

Jude: Fight for the Faith! – by Hilda Bright

Revelation: From Now to the End of Time – by Ian Mackervoy