Ecclesiastes 8:2-8

Obey the king

2 You promised God that you would serve the king faithfully.

So obey the king's commands.

3 If you are with the king,

do not leave in a hurry.

Do not join with people who plan turn against him.

Remember that the king can do anything that he wants to do.

4 The king's command has complete power.

Nobody can tell him that he is wrong.

5 Trouble will not come to anyone who obeys the king's command.

A wise person knows the right time to do things.

He also knows the right way to do them.

6 There is a right time for things to happen.

There is a right way to do things.

But trouble comes to people anyway.

7 Nobody knows what will happen in the future.

Nobody can tell us about it.

8 Nobody has the power to control the wind.

Also, nobody has the power to decide the day of their death.

Soldiers are not allowed to leave a battle.

Also, if people do wicked things,

that will not rescue them.