Ecclesiastes 9:7-12

Enjoy life

7 So be happy as you eat your food. Be happy as you drink your wine. God is pleased with you as you do these things. 8 Always dress yourself well in good clothes. Use as much sweet oil as you need on your head. 9 Love your wife and enjoy your life together with her. God has given you your life. It is a short life and it is difficult to understand everything that happens. God wants you to enjoy these things as you do hard work during your life on the earth. 10 Use all your strength to do the work that you are doing. One day you will die and you will go into your grave. Then you will not have any work, or ideas, or knowledge or wisdom. So do your work well while you are alive.

11 I have seen another thing that happens here on the earth.

The runner who runs fastest does not always win the race.

The strongest soldiers do not always win the battle.

Very wise people do not always have food to eat.

Very clever people do not always become rich.

People who have learned many things are not always successful.

Yes, anything may happen to anyone at any time.

12 Nobody knows the time when trouble may come to them.

A fish does not know when somebody will catch it in a net.

A bird does not know when somebody will catch it in a trap.

In the same way, terrible trouble suddenly happens to people when they do not expect it.