Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

Think before you speak

1 Be careful about anything that you do in the temple. Listen well when you worship God. Some fools go to the temple and they give sacrifices to God. But they do it for the wrong reasons. They do not know that they have done a wrong thing!

2 You should think before you speak.

You should think before you promise something to God.

God is in heaven and he knows you well.

You are here on the earth.

And you do not see as much as God sees.

Do not say to God more than you have to say.

3 If you think about your troubles too much, you will dream about bad things.

If you talk too much, you will say silly things.

4 You should do what you have promised to God. You should do it when you can. You should not wait before you do it. Only a fool would not do what he had promised to God. 5 Do not promise to do something that you might not do. It would be better not to promise anything. 6 Only say things that are true. You should not say to the priest, ‘The promise that I said was a mistake.’ That would make God angry. God might destroy the things that you have worked for. 7 It is silly to dream all the time. Remember that. It is also silly to talk all the time. But you should obey God because he is a great God.