Psalm 70

70:0If you read Psalm 40:13-17 you will find that it is like Psalm 70. There are very few differences. Why do these words come twice in our Bibles? If you look at Psalm 35:4, 21, 26 and 27 you will find that most of Psalm 70 is there too. It really comes three times! Perhaps the word ‘remember’ at the top gives us help. David thought that it was important to remember the words of Psalm 70, because he was often in danger. Perhaps he used them when he was not thanking God for an answer to his prayer (as in Psalm 40). There are two other examples of psalms coming twice or three times: Psalms 14 and 53; and Psalms 57, 60 and 108.

In the New Testament also we find words repeated. Many of the stories of Jesus come more than once. The Feeding of 5,000 People comes 4 times! Saint Paul also said, ‘To write the same things to you – is safe’ (Philippians 3:1). When things come more than once it means that God wants us to remember them in a special way.

Help to Remember

This is for the music leader.

It is a psalm of David, to give him help to remember.

1 God, save me!

Lord, hurry to give me help.

70:1David asks God for help soon, because (verse 2) an enemy is going to kill him.

2 There are people that want to kill me.

I hope that they will become ashamed and confused.

There are people that want to destroy me.

I hope that everyone will say that they are bad people.

3 I want all those people that say to me ‘Aha! Aha!’

to become very sorry for what they have done.

70:3The enemy thinks that he has beaten David, so the enemy says, ‘Aha! Aha!’ These are not really words, but sounds that people make when they think, ‘I have won the fight!’

4 I want everyone looking for you to be happy, very happy.

I want everyone that loves it when you save them to say, ‘Praise God.’

5 But I am poor and I need help.

God, hurry to give me help.

You are my help, and you save me.

Lord, do not be long!

70:5David remembers again that he needs help from God.