Psalm 70

David wrote this song for the music leader, to ask God to help him.

A prayer for help

70:1This psalm is the same as Psalm 40:13-17. Also see Psalm 35:4, 21, 26, 27.

1 God, please save me!

Lord, come quickly to help me!

2 Stop the people who want to kill me,

so that they become ashamed and confused.

Chase the people who want to hurt me,

so that they run away in shame.

3 When people laugh at me,

make them ashamed for what they have done.

4 God, may those who want to know you be very happy.

Everyone who loves you because you have saved them

should never stop saying, ‘Praise God.’

5 But I am poor and weak, God.

Please hurry to give me help.

You are the one who helps me

and who saves me.

Lord, come quickly to help me!