Psalm 71

A song for old age

1 Lord, I have come to you to keep me safe.

Never let me become ashamed.

2 You always do what is right,

so please rescue me!

Listen to me, and come to save me!

3 Be a rock where I can hide.

Be a strong place where I can be safe.

You are my high rock and my strong, safe place.

4 My God, save me from the power of wicked people,

so that those cruel people cannot catch me.

5 My Lord, I trust you to help me.

I have trusted in you, Lord,

since I was young.

6 Since I was born,

you have been there to help me.

You have taken care of me

since my mother gave birth to me.

So I will always praise you!

7 When people see me,

they see trouble!

But you are a strong place to keep me safe.

8 I can never stop praising you!

All the time, I speak about your glory!

9 Do not chase me away when I am old.

When I am no longer strong,

do not turn away from me.

71:9When the writer is old, he wants God to continue to be with him.

10 For my enemies say things against me.

They think of ways that they can kill me.

11 They say, ‘God has turned away from him.

Run after him and catch him,

for nobody will rescue him.’

12 God, do not stay far away from me.

My God, come quickly to help me!

13 Make my enemies become completely ashamed.

They speak against me and they want to hurt me.

So let them fall with great shame!

14 But as for me, I will always wait for you to help me.

I will continue to praise you more and more.

15 I will tell people that you always do what is right.

I will always speak about your power to save people.

But you have done more than I will ever know about!

16 I will tell about the great things that you have done,

Almighty Lord.

I will tell everyone that you are righteous.

You, only you, are righteous.

17 God, you have taught me since I was young.

I still tell people about the great things that you have done.

18 And even when I am old and my hair is grey,

do not turn away from me, God.

I need to tell the people still to be born

about your great strength.

My descendants need to know about your power.

19 Your justice reaches beyond the sky above!

You have done such great things, God.

There is nobody like you!

20 You have caused me to have many bad troubles.

But you will make my life strong again.

You will lift me back out

from this deep hole under the earth.

71:20This means that the writer thought that he was near to death.

21 You will make me great again,

so that people respect me.

You will turn back to me,

so that I feel strong.

22 I will pick up my harp

and I will sing to thank you.

I will praise you, my God,

because you do what you promise.

I will sing to praise you, the Holy One of Israel,

with the music of a lyre.

71:22The ‘Holy One of Israel’ is a name for God. He is the God that the Israelites worshipped.

23 I will shout aloud with joy,

as I praise you with music!

I will sing songs to praise you,

because you have rescued me.

24 I will talk about your justice all the time.

The people who want to hurt me

will become confused and ashamed.