Psalm 40

40:0If you read Psalms 37 – 39 you will find that David has been very sad. Now God has answered all his prayers. Psalm 40 is a song that says, 'Thank you' to God. But David still has problems. So the end of the psalm asks for more help. We can use the end of the psalm by itself. We see this in Psalm 70, which is Psalm 40: 13 – 17. It is after Psalm 40 for you to study it.

Build on a Rock!

This is for the music leader.

It is a song that David wrote.

1 I was patient while I waited for the Lord.

He turned to me and he heard me when I prayed for help.

2 He lifted me out of the deep hole of death.

He picked me up out of the mud.

He put my feet on a rock and made me walk without falling.

3 He gave me a new song to sing.

It was a hymn of praise to God.

Many people will see what happened and be afraid.

Then they will trust in the Lord.

4 The man that trusts in the Lord will be very happy.

He does not listen to proud people that turn to false gods.

5 Lord, my God, you have done many wonderful things.

Nobody can tell you about your plans for us.

If I say that I will talk about them,

there would be too many to speak about!

40:5Verse 5: We do not know what God has planned for each of us.

6 You did not want a sacrifice and an offering.

You have made a hole in my ears.

You did not ask for a burnt offering and a sin offering.

40:6Verse 6: A master would make a hole in his slave's ear and fasten it to the door, if the slave wanted to stay with his master.

7 Then I said, ‘Here I am.

In this book someone wrote about me.’

40:7Verse 7: In the New Testament Jesus said that this was about him. This is in Hebrews 10: 7.

8 I am pleased to do what you want me to do, my God,

and your rules are in my heart.

9 I talk about the good news of (how to become) righteous to everybody.

Look, Lord, I never keep my mouth shut, as you know!

10 I do not keep the righteous things that you do to myself.

I do not hide (from people) that they can trust in you.

I tell everyone that your kind love will save them.

Also, I (show them) the truth.

11 You, Lord, will not keep your mercy from me.

Your kind love and your truth will always protect me.

12 But trouble is all round me.

I cannot see how much there is.

My sins have followed me and caught me.

I cannot see anything.

13 Lord, please save me!

Lord, hurry to give me help!

14 There are people that want to kill me.

I hope that they will become ashamed and confused.

There are people that want to destroy me.

I hope that everyone will say that they are bad people.

15 I want all those people that say to me ‘Aha! Aha!’

to become very sorry for what they have done.

16 I want everyone that is looking for you to be happy, very happy.

I want everyone that loves it when you save them to say,

Praise the Lord.’

17 But I am poor and I need help. Lord, you think about me.

You are my help and you save me.

O God, do not be a long time!

40:17Verses 12-17: Here the psalm changes. It is not a song of praise and thanks any more. David has more problems, so he asks God for more help. In verse 15 ‘Aha, Aha’ is just a noise that is not kind!