Psalm 69

69:0In verses 1-3 the writer gives us a picture of a man who is drowning. He calls to God for help. He wants God to pull him out of the water. In verse 4 he tells us that the deep water is a picture of his enemies. In verses 5-6 the writer says that he has not obeyed God's rules. He asks that other people will not be hurt because of this. In verses 7-9 the writer says that when people want to insult God, they insult him too.

David wrote this song for the music leader. Use special music.

Trust God for help

1 Please rescue me, God,

because the deep water has come up to my neck.

2 I will soon sink into deep mud.

There is no safe place to put my feet.

I am now in deep water,

and the floods pour over me.

3 I have shouted so much for help

that I am tired and weak.

My mouth is so dry that it hurts.

I have looked so long for help from you, my God,

that my eyes have become weak.

4 Very many people hate me with no good reason.

They are more than the number of hairs on my head!

My enemies are too strong for me.

They want to destroy me with their lies.

They make me give back to them

things that I did not take from them!

5 You know, God, that I do foolish things.

I cannot hide my sins from you.

6 My Lord, Almighty Lord, Israel's God,

do not let anyone who trusts you

become ashamed because of me.

Do not let anyone who serves you

become ashamed because of me.

7 Because I belong to you,

people insult me.

They make me feel ashamed.

8 I have become like a stranger to my brothers.

I am like a foreigner to my family.

9 My love for your house burns inside me like a fire.

Anybody who insults you,

is also insulting me!

10 When I weep and I stop eating food,

it causes people to insult me.

11 When I wear rough clothes to show that I am sad,

people laugh at me.

12 People who sit at the city gate talk about me.

69:12The leaders of the people sat by the gate of their town. They talked together to decide what to do.

People who are drunk make songs

to sing about me.

13 But as for me, Lord,

I continue to pray to you.

Please answer me at the right time.

Be kind to me, God,

because of your faithful love.

Save me, as you have promised to do.

14 Save me out of the mud

and do not let me sink down into it.

Rescue me from the people that hate me.

Save me from the deep water.

15 Do not let the floods pour over me.

Do not let the deep sea cause me to drown.

Do not let me fall into the deep hole of death.

16 Please answer me, Lord,

because your faithful love is great.

Turn to hear me,

because you are so very kind.

17 Do not turn away from me, your servant.

I am in great trouble,

so please answer me very soon.

18 Come very near to me,

and make me safe.

Rescue me from my enemies.

19 God, you know that people are insulting me.

They laugh at me

to make me feel ashamed.

You can see what all my enemies are doing.

20 When they insult me,

it makes me very upset.

I feel helpless.

I hoped that someone would be kind and help me,

but there was nobody.

I wanted someone to comfort me,

but I did not find anyone.

21 Instead, my enemies put poison in my food.

When I was thirsty,

they gave me vinegar to drink.

69:21Vinegar has a bitter taste. It would not help someone who was thirsty.

22 Please God, cause their feasts to become a trap for them.

Let it bring trouble to them and their friends.

23 Let their eyes be in the dark

so that they cannot see.

Let their bodies become weak.

24 Yes, punish them,

because you are so angry with them!

25 Let their homes become empty,

so that nobody lives in them any more.

26 Do this, because they chase after

the people that you have already punished.

They talk about the pain

of the people that you have hurt.

27 Make a note of all their sins.

Do not ever forgive them,

so that they are righteous.

28 Remove their names from the book of living people.

Do not write their names

on the list of righteous people.

29 But I have pain in my body

and trouble in my mind.

God, rescue me and keep me safe!

30 I will sing to praise God's name!

I will thank him because he is great!

31 That will please the Lord more

than if I offer him an ox,

or a great bull with horns.

69:31The ox and the bull were sacrifices.

32 When humble people see it,

they will be very happy.

People who want to serve God

will become strong in their lives.

33 For the Lord listens to the prayers of poor people.

He does not forget to help his people

when they are prisoners.

34 Heaven and earth should praise him!

The seas and everything that lives in them

should praise him!

35 For God will rescue Zion's people.

He will build again Judah's cities.

Then his people will live there.

The land will belong to them again.

36 Then the descendants of his servants

will have the land for themselves.

The people who love God

will live there safely.