30 Days with Jesus

Open up! Dig into the greatest story ever told. It’s about the living God whose great idea was to make a beautiful world where people would live in harmony with each other and him. But as every newscast shows, we have no time for God – and war, lust, greed and hatred flourish as a result.

However, God is not defeated. He loves us and devised a rescue plan to restore the broken relationship. It comes through Jesus, who shares God’s nature as well as ours. He achieved it in the most unexpected way and at enormous personal cost.

Read on! Don’t miss out on his free offer of eternal life. There have never been so many people turning to Jesus as there are today – when you do, you’ll find your life gets transformed, forever.

About Michael Green

Dr Michael Green (1930–2019) was a British author, lecturer and theologian. He wrote over 50 books and led hundreds of missions in the UK and other countries. He worked as a vicar, a professor and an advisor to the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Thanks to Roger Chouler for his watercolour illustrations that have enhanced these pages.
Thanks to Anne Adamson for selecting the readings and providing additional notes.
Thanks to Robert Hicks for initiating this project and supporting it wholeheartedly.
First published in 2018 by Bible Trust, Bath, England, BA2 6DT United Kingdom
If you would like printed copies of this book, please contact Robert Hicks at www.bibletrust.org.uk