Psalm 126

126:0Some Bible students think that this psalm is about the Jews returning from Babylon. For 70 years the Jews were in Babylon. They did not want to be there. But in 586 BC, King Cyrus sent them home to Judea. BC means ‘years Before Christ came to the earth.’

But other Bible students think that the psalm is about Sennacherib. He was King of Assyria about 700 BC. He attacked Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the capital city of Judea. But God saved Jerusalem, and Sennacherib went back to Assyria. So ‘the LORD turned them (Sennacherib and the Assyrian army) away.’ ‘LORD’ is a special name for God. It is his covenant name. A covenant is when people agree to do something. God agreed to give his people, the Jews, help. They agreed to love and obey him.

‘I dreamed a dream’ were the words that Martin Luther King used. He wanted his people to be free. His dream was that they would be free. In the Bible, they are the words of Nebuchadnezzar. He was the King of Babylon that took the Jews from their own country to Babylon in 586 BC Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar what his dream meant.

As you read Psalm 126, remember that the Jews' return to their country is a picture for us. As God made his people free, (either from Sennacherib or from Babylon) so God has made us free. He has made us free if we love and obey Jesus! This is the New Covenant, or as our Bibles call it, the New Testament. The Old Testament is the first 39 books in the Bible; the New Testament is the last 27 books.

I Dreamed a Dream (Daniel 2:3)

This is a psalm for climbing.

1 An army was attacking Zion.

When the LORD turned them away,

we were like people that were dreaming!

126:1Verse 1: This verse fits the Sennacherib story better than the Cyrus story. ‘People that were dreaming’ means that people could not believe the good thing that God did for them! ‘Them’ is the army that God turned away.

2 Then we laughed a lot.

And we shouted because we were so happy!

And people in other countries said to each other,

‘The LORD has done something wonderful for them!’

126:2Verse 2: When God does something good for his people, other people see it. This is still true for Christians as well as Jews. ‘Wonderful’ means ‘very, very lovely.’

3 The LORD has done something wonderful for us

and we are very, very happy.

4 The LORD will give back again what we have lost.

It will be like water coming into a dry place where there is a lot of sand.

126:4Verse 4: Water makes things grow in dry places. Then people can plant seeds, verses 5-6.

5 People that are crying will go out and plant seeds.

Later they will sing as they pick the fruits.

6 Someone will go out crying, but with a basket of seeds.

He will come home laughing, with a lot of food.

126:6Verses 5-6: When Sennacherib went away, the Jews could go into their fields. And then they could plant seeds. (Or, when they came home from Babylon, they could do this). Then the seeds would grow into fruit, and there would be much food!