Psalm 125

A song to sing as we climb.

1 People who trust in the Lord are strong,

like Mount Zion.

125:1Mount Zion was a strong place in the middle of the city of Jerusalem.

Nothing can shake it. It will always be there.

2 The Lord is always near to his people,

like the mountains round Jerusalem.

He keeps his people safe, now and for ever.

125:2People who trust in the Lord are strong because God is with them. He is the one who keeps them safe.

3 Wicked people will not rule over God's own people.

They will not rule the land where righteous people live.

If they did, the righteous people might also do bad things.

4 Lord, please do good things to good, honest people.

Be kind to those who follow your good ways.

5 But as for people who follow their own bad ways,

Lord, please remove them!

Take them away, along with people who do evil things.

May Israel have peace!