Psalm 127

A song to sing as we climb.

Solomon wrote this song.

Every good thing comes from God

127:1Psalm 127 tells us that only God can give us the good things that we need. We need a house to live in and we need food to eat. If we try to use our own strength to do things, it will not really help us. We need to trust God to give us the things that we need.

1 The Lord must build your house.

If not, the work of the builders is useless.

The Lord must keep the city safe.

If not, the city guards are useless.

2 It will not help you to work all day for food, and never stop.

God gives food to the people that he loves.

Even while they sleep, God takes care of them.

3 Children are a gift from the Lord.

He blesses us with descendants.

4 If you have sons while you are a young man,

they are like a soldier's arrows.

5 If a man has many sons,

God has blessed him.

127:5A soldier with many arrows can fight well. A man with many children is in a good place. They help him to win against his enemies.

When his enemies speak against him at the city gate,

they will not win.

127:5The city gate was the place where people met to decide their quarrels.