Hebrews 1:4-14

God's Son is greater than the angels

4 That shows us that God's Son is much greater than the angels. God has given him a name that shows he is more important than they are. 5 God never said this to any angel:

‘You are my Son.

Today I have become your Father.’

1:5See Psalm 2:7.

In another place in the Bible, God says,

‘I will be his Father,

and he will be my Son.’

6 Also, when God was ready to bring his greatest Son into the world, he said:

‘All God's angels must worship him.’

7 God speaks about the angels like this:

‘God makes his angels like winds.

They serve him like fires that burn brightly.’

8 But this is what God says to his Son:

‘You are God and you will rule as King for ever!

You will rule your kingdom in a completely good way.

9 You love everything that is right.

And you hate everything that is wrong.

Because of that, you will be completely happy.

I am your God and I have blessed you.

I have chosen you to be greater than others who are with you.’

10 The Bible also says this:

Lord, in the beginning you made the earth.

With your own power, you also made everything above the earth.

11 All these things will come to an end.

But as for you, you will continue for ever.

Like clothes, those things will all become old.

12 Then you will put them away like an old coat.

You will change them, like people change clothes.

But you will always continue to be the same.

Your life will never come to an end.’

13 Also, God has never said this to any of the angels:

‘Sit at my right side until I win against your enemies completely.

Then you will be able to put your feet on them.’

14 So we see that all the angels are spirits who serve God. God sends them as his servants to help the people that he will save.