Psalm 45

This is a special song that the sons of Korah wrote for the music leader. Sing it to the music that they call ‘Lilies.’

A love song

45:1The king in verses 2-9 was the king of Judah or Israel. A king like this was called ‘Messiah’, because God had chosen him to rule his people. The queen in verses 10-15 was the woman that the king married. Christians also know that Jesus is the true Messiah. His ‘queen’ or ‘bride’ is the church, the people that belong to him. Verses 2-9 are words that the writer says to the king. Verses 10-12 are words that the writer says to the queen.

1 This beautiful song makes my heart very happy.

I will sing this special poem to the king.

My voice is ready to sing it very well,

as well as a clever writer can write with a pen.

2 You are the most handsome man that there is.

You speak kind words in a beautiful way.

And so God will continue to bless you for ever.

3 Brave soldier, wear your sword at your side!

Show what a great king you are!

4 Wear your royal clothes

and ride out to win against your enemies!

Win the war on behalf of truth and justice!

Then your strong right hand will do powerful things!

5 Your sharp arrows will cut into the heart of your enemies.

Nations will fall down under your feet.

6 God, you will continue to rule as king

always and for ever.

Your authority as king will bring justice to your people.

7 You love people to do what is right,

and you hate anything that is evil.

So God, your God, has chosen you

to be greater than all your people.

He has put special olive oil on you,

to make you happy.

8 All your clothes have the beautiful smell

of myrrh, aloes and cassia.

You hear the music of stringed instruments

that comes from beautiful palaces.

That makes you happy.

9 The daughters of kings are among your visitors.

Your royal bride stands at your right hand.

She is wearing gold from Ophir.

10 Royal daughter, listen to me.

Listen carefully to what I am saying.

Forget your people and your family.

11 You are very beautiful

and the king will want to be with you.

He is your master, so respect him.

12 Rich people will come from Tyre to give gifts to you.

They will want you to help them.

13 The king's bride is in the palace,

and she looks beautiful!

Her dress has gold threads in it.

45:13‘threads’ are very thin strings of material.

14 Now they lead her to the king in her beautiful clothes.

Her young friends follow after her

to bring her to the king.

15 They are very happy as they walk together

and they go into the king's palace.

16 You will have sons to become kings,

as your ancestors were kings before you.

You will make them princes

to rule over all the land.

17 In future years I will cause people to remember

that you are a great king!

Then people will praise you always and for ever.