Psalm 2

The Lord's king rules

2:1This Psalm speaks about the king of Israel that God had chosen. The word used for this king in verse 2 is the same word as Messiah. The Psalm also tells us about Jesus. The prophets said that Jesus would be king of all the nations.

1 Why are nations making plans to turn against the Lord?

All their plans will fail!

2 Kings and rulers decide to work together,

to fight against the Lord

and the king that he has chosen.

3 They say, ‘We will not accept their authority over us!

We will get free from their power!’

2:3See Acts 4:25-26.

4 The Lord who sits on his throne in heaven laughs at them.

He says that their plans are useless.

5 Then he becomes very angry and he frightens them.

He warns them with strong words and he says,

6 ‘I have put my king on his throne in Zion.

2:6God put David in Zion as king. Zion was part of Jerusalem. When David died, his son Solomon became king. Their descendants also ruled as kings after that. Jesus was a descendant of King David. He became the king who rules for ever.

I have put him on my holy mountain.’

7 I will tell you what the Lord has promised to me, his king.

He said to me, ‘You are my son.

Yes, today I have become your father!

8 Ask me and see what I will do!

I will give you all the nations on the earth.

They will all belong to you.

9 You will break them with an iron sceptre,

as if they are clay pots.’

10 So, you kings, think carefully!

You who rule the nations of the world, learn this lesson:

11 Respect the Lord and serve him.

Enjoy his rule with fear!

12 Bend down low in front of his son!

If not, the Lord will be angry.

He will quickly become very angry.

You will suddenly die!

But as for those who serve the Lord as their king,

he blesses them and he takes care of them all.