About the letter to the Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews is a letter written to a group of Christians. We do not know who they were. ‘Hebrews’ is another name for Jewish people. So, probably the letter was written to Jewish believers. The letter says a lot about God's promises to the Jewish people. The letter talks about the tabernacle and how the Jews worshipped God there. They killed animals so that God would forgive them for the wrong things which they had done. This was included in God's old agreement with his people.
We do not know where these people lived. But we do know that other people were causing a lot of trouble for these Christians. They believed in Jesus, but they were not strong. So, the writer is trying to help them to live as Christians. He says to them: Do not stop trusting Christ, but instead, believe in him more strongly.
He explains clearly that Jesus is God's great and powerful Son. He is much greater than the angels. He is much greater than Moses and Joshua, who were great leaders of Israel's people many years ago. He is a much greater priest than Israel's priests. They often did wrong things, but Jesus never did anything wrong.
Jesus became a human person, like we are. So he understands us completely. When he died on the cross, he offered himself to God as a sacrifice on our behalf. He is the only sacrifice that can make us good and clean. He has opened the way for us to come near to God. We can know God because of Jesus.
We must always continue to think about Jesus. He has gone in front of us, as our leader, and we must follow him. Jesus had great trouble on our behalf. He helps us when we have troubles. His Spirit will make us strong to go on living for him here on the earth. After that, we will live with him for ever and we will have no more troubles.
We must also think about all the other people who have trusted God. Even before Jesus came to the earth, many people believed in God. They often had great troubles, but they still trusted God. Chapter 11 tells us about some of these people.
We do not know who wrote the Book of Hebrews. Some people think that Paul wrote it. He wrote many of the other letters in the New Testament. Some people think that Luke wrote it. He wrote the books called Luke and Acts. Most people agree that the writer wrote this letter about AD 60-70. That was about 30-40 years after Jesus died.