Hebrews 12:14-17

We must not refuse to do what God says

14 Do everything that you can to live in peace with other people. Make yourself separate from bad things. Nobody will see the Lord unless their life is good and clean. 15 Remember that God is very kind. Nobody should refuse to let God help them. Make sure that nobody among you causes trouble so that people turn against God. A person who is angry against God is like poison. He spoils many other people's lives so that God does not accept them.

16 Make sure that nobody among you has sex in a wrong way. Be careful that nobody is careless about God's rules, like Esau was long ago. He gave away everything that he would have received as his father's first son. He gave it all away so that he could get only one meal. 17 As you know, after that, he still wanted to receive those good things from his father. He wanted his father to ask God to bless him. But his father refused to do that. Esau cried very much when he asked his father to give him those good things. But there was no way that Esau could change what he had done.

12:16Esau was Isaac's first son. The oldest son in a family was very important. He received the biggest part of his father's land and money when his father died. Also, the father asked God to bless that son and give him good things. But Esau gave away all these things to his brother, Jacob. See Genesis 25:29-34; 27:30-41.