Exodus 25:23-30

The table for special bread

23 Use acacia wood to make a table. It must be one metre long, 50 centimetres wide and 75 centimetres high. 24 Cover the wood with gold. Build up the edges of the table with gold. 25 Also, fix an extra piece of wood around its edge. It must be 7 centimetres wide. Build up the edges of this piece with gold.

26 Make four gold rings for the table. Fix them to the four corners, one beside each leg of the table. 27 The rings must be near to the extra piece of wood. They will hold the poles that you will use to carry the table. 28 Use acacia wood to make the poles. Cover them with gold. Use the poles to carry the table. 29 Use pure gold to make plates, big spoons, jars and bowls. You will use these things to pour out drink offerings. 30 Put the Lord's special bread on this table. The bread must always be there for me.