Exodus 25:31-40

The lampstand

31 Use one piece of pure gold to make a lampstand. Use a hammer to make it the right shape. Use the gold to make its base, its middle pole and the cups to hold the oil. The cups will be like open flowers and closed flowers. 32 Make six branches on the lampstand, three branches on each side of the middle pole. 33 Put three cups in the shape of almond flowers and their leaves on each branch. Each of the six branches of the lampstand will have three cups like that. 34 On the lampstand itself, put four cups in the shape of almond flowers and their leaves. 35 Put one closed flower under the first pair of branches. Put a second closed flower under the second pair of branches. Put the third closed flower under the third pair of branches. So there will be three closed flowers for the six branches on the lampstand. 36 You must make the flowers and the branches from the same piece of pure gold as the lampstand. Use a hammer to make the gold into the right shape.

37 Then make seven lamps and fix them to the lampstand. Fix them so that they light the space in front of the lampstand. 38 Also use pure gold to make small tools and dishes to take care of the lamps. 39 Use 34 kilograms of pure gold to make the lampstand and all the tools to take care of it.

40 Be careful to make all these things like the plan that I have shown you on the mountain.