Exodus 25:10-22

The Covenant Box

10 The Israelites must use acacia wood to make a big box. It must be 1 metre long, 75 centimetres wide and 75 centimetres high. 11 Cover the wood with gold, both inside and outside. Build up the edges of the box with gold. 12 Make four gold rings and fix them to the four feet of the box. Fix two rings on one side and two rings on the other side. 13 Then use acacia wood to make two poles. Cover them with gold too. 14 Push the poles through the rings on the sides of the box. You will use the poles to carry the box. 15 The poles must remain along the side of the box, in the rings. Never remove them. 16 Then put into the box the two flat stones with the words of the covenant on them. I will give those to you.

17 Use pure gold to make a lid for the box. Make the lid 1 metre long and 75 centimetres wide. 18 Use gold to make images of two cherubs. Use a hammer to make them the right shape. They will stand at the two ends of the lid. 19 One cherub will stand at one end of the lid, and one cherub will stand at the other end. The two cherubs and the lid must be one piece of gold. 20 The cherubs must look towards each other and watch over the lid. Their wings must touch each other over the top of the lid. 21 Then put the lid on the top of the box. Put the flat stones with the words of the covenant into the box. I will give those to you.

22 I will meet with you there, between the two cherubs that are above the lid. They watch over the Covenant Box. In that place I will give you all my commands for the Israelites.