Jesus shows his authority in the *temple

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 9 - Jesus' last week in Jerusalem - Part 2

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Matthew 21:12-17

Unfair merchants

The next day, Jesus went to the *temple. There was much trade there. There were merchants there who sold birds and animals for the sacrifices. [A sacrifice is a special gift to God. Sometimes the Jews killed an animal as a sacrifice.] Other merchants would change Roman money to *Temple money. The *Temple rulers did not allow Roman money there. These merchants probably paid a lot of money to the priests. You could bring your own animals for sacrifice, but they had to be completely perfect. Often the priests said that the animals were not perfect. Then the people had to buy expensive animals from the merchants in the *temple.

When Jesus entered the *temple, he forced all the merchants to leave. He turned over the tables of the money changers. He would not allow anyone to carry anything for sale through the *temple. Jesus said:

Matthew 21:13 ‘The Bible says, “God's house [the *temple] is to be a house of prayer”. You have made it “a place for thieves”.’

Jesus put together these words, from Isaiah 56:7 and Jeremiah 7:11. There were many caves in the hills in that country. Groups of thieves used to meet there. Jesus said that the *temple had become an evil place, like those caves. The words before and after Jeremiah 7:11 are interesting. They say that the Jews must obey the *Lord. Then they can continue to live in their land. But if the Jews did not obey the *Lord, they would have to leave their land.

Jesus insisted that men must respect God in the *temple. Jesus hated people who cheat.

Jesus sent away all the men who cheated other people. Probably, he could do this because he was so popular with the large crowds there. They hated the merchants who cheated them. Jesus could do it also because he had authority. He behaved like a king.

Matthew 21:14

Jesus cured blind people, and people who could not walk

God's law did not allow blind priests to work in the *Temple. Also, the law did not allow priests to work there if they could not walk (Leviticus 21:18).

The Jews changed this law. They made a stricter law. They would not permit anyone like that to enter.

But when Jesus was in the *temple, blind people came to him. People who could not walk easily came to him. He cured them all. By this, he showed that these people should enter. And the crowds who were with Jesus still shouted: ‘*Hosanna to the Son of David’!


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