Matthew 21:12-17

Jesus visits the temple

12 Jesus then went into the yard of the temple. People were buying and selling things there. Jesus made them all leave that place. He pushed over the tables of the men who changed coins. He also pushed over the seats of the men who sold birds.

21:12the temple had a wall round it. Only the priests went into the temple. The priests let the people go through the gate in the wall. They came together in the yard outside the temple.
21:12The people had to use different money in the temple. They had to sell their own money and buy this different money. With this, they could buy special birds and animals to give as gifts to God.

13 Jesus spoke to them all. He said, ‘The Bible says, “God's house will be a place where people come together to pray.” But you have changed it into a place where robbers meet.’

14 Blind people went to meet Jesus in the yard of the temple. People who could not walk very well also went there. Jesus caused them all to become well. 15 The leaders of the priests and teachers of God's Law saw all the powerful things that Jesus did. They also saw children in the yard of the temple who were shouting, ‘Welcome! We pray that God will be good to you, Son of David!’ All these things caused the important Jews to become very angry.

16 They asked Jesus, ‘Can you hear what these children are saying?’

Jesus replied, ‘Yes, I can hear them. I am sure that you have read this in the Bible:

Lord God, babies and children praise you.

You yourself have taught them to do that.” ’

21:16See Psalm 8:2

17 Then Jesus left everyone and he went out of Jerusalem. He stayed that night in Bethany, a village near the city.

21:17Bethany was a village near Bethphage, very near to Jerusalem.