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2 Timothy 3 : People will turn away from God in the last days

v1 Understand this! During the last days (before Christ returns to earth), there will be times of great trouble. v2 People will love only themselves. They will want lots of money. They will think that they are much more important than other people. And they will talk about how great they are. They will say bad things about other people. They will not obey their parents. They will not thank anyone. They will not think that other people, or God, are important. They will not do what is proper to other people. v3 People will not even love their own families. They will refuse to agree with other people. They will say wrong things about other people, things that are not true. They will be unable to rule themselves properly. They will be cruel like wild animals. They will be enemies of everything that is good. v4 People will turn against their friends. They will not think carefully before they do things. They will be completely sure that they are very, very important. They will not love God, but instead they will want very much to enjoy themselves. v5 Those people will seem to *worship God. But really, they will refuse to let God work in them. You must stay away from people like that.

v6 Among those people, there are some men who get into peopleís homes. They get power over silly women. These women have done many wrong things. They cannot stop themselves. They let themselves do wrong things because they want all kinds of things so much. v7 These women are always trying to learn new things. But they can never really understand Godís true message. v8 Jannes and Jambres tried to stop Moses because they were his enemies. In the same way, these men are enemies of Godís true message. Their minds have become confused and bad. They have failed to believe what is true. v9 But they will not continue to do many more bad things. Because everyone will see clearly that they are fools. That is just what happened to Jannes and Jambres.

Verses 8-9 The Bible does not include the names Jannes and Jambres. But Israelís people believed that they were men from Egypt, many years ago. They did magic (things that people cannot usually do) for the king of Egypt. (See Exodus 7:11-12, 22; 8:7, 18-19; 9:11.)

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