2 Timothy 3:10-13

Timothy must copy Paul's example

10 But you, Timothy, have heard my message and you know it well. You also know the way in which I have lived. You know my purpose in life. You know how I trust God. You know how patient I have been. You know my love for God and for other people. You know that I have been strong during troubles. 11 You also know what happened to me in the cities called Antioch, Iconium and Lystra. People caused me to have a lot of trouble and pain in those places. But I was patient and brave in those bad troubles! And the Lord kept me safe in all those dangerous times.

3:11See Acts 13:50; 14:1-6, 19-20. Timothy's home was in Lystra. See Acts 16:1-5.

12 It is not only me. Every Christian who wants to serve God well in their lives will receive trouble from other people. 13 Bad people like that will become even worse. Some of them will teach a false message, and people will believe their lies. Those false teachers even believe their own lies!