The Gift of God

This book is a short introduction to the Christian Faith in easy English. It contain a series of short sections that explain what the Bible says about:

  • What happens when we die?
  • A life that never ends is a free gift!
  • We cannot earn it; we do not deserve it
  • Every one of us has sinned
  • We cannot do anything to save ourselves
  • God loves us and he is very kind
  • God is completely fair; so he must punish sin
  • Jesus is God
  • He came to take the punishment for our sins
  • This is what God has done for us
  • YOU can receive the gift of this special life
  • Trust in Jesus Christ only
  • You must be sorry for all the bad things
  • Jesus is Lord
  • The Spirit of God gives life
  • The family of God
  • Time to stop and think
  • Prayer of response
  • You can be sure
  • My promise to God
  • God wants you to grow strong
  • God will be with you
  • God’s Word, the Bible
  • His gift of prayer
  • God’s loving family, the church
  • God has a plan for your life
  • To be a disciple

You can open the book or download it as a PDF.

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‘The Gift of God’ has been compiled by the Seamen’s Christian Friend Society.

Translated into EasyEnglish by Mary Read.