Be My Disciple

Be My Disciple

This book is a helpful guide for any Christian who wants to follow Jesus in today’s world.

It explains how Jesus taught and trained his first disciples using the examples of Andrew, Philip and Nathaniel.

It warns us about the dangers that Jesus’ disciples faced then. And it contains lots of helpful advice to guide us through the dangers that Jesus’ disciples still face today.

Each chapter contains an important lesson for anyone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus:

  • Grow and go
  • The most important things must come first
  • Never give up
  • Almost stopped from coming to Jesus
  • Jesus sees what is best in us
  • Disciples must listen
  • State your loyalty publicly
  • Heaven is open
  • You have enough bread and extra bread
  • Die in order to live
  • Show the Father

Translated into EasyEnglish by Mary Read.

You can open the book or download it as a PDF.

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About the Author

Dr Raymond Brown, MA, MTheol, PhD, was the principal of Spurgeon's College in London. He has also served as a pastor in several churches including Victoria Baptist Church in Eastbourne, England.

He has written many books including “Why Believe?”, “Philosophy of Religion”, “Four Spiritual Giants”, and “The Message of Hebrews”.