Psalm 89:38-52

A sad song

38 But now you have turned against your king.

You have become angry with the king that you have chosen.

39 You have spoiled the covenant

that you made with your servant.

You have thrown his crown into the dirt.

40 You have knocked down all the walls of his city.

You have destroyed all his strong places.

41 Every stranger robs him of his things.

His neighbours laugh at him.

42 You have made his enemies strong,

so that they win against him and they are happy.

43 You have made his weapons useless,

so that he cannot beat his enemies in war.

44 You have taken away his authority as king.

You have knocked down his throne to the ground.

45 He no longer has the strength of a young man.

You have dressed him in clothes of shame.


46 Lord, how long will this continue?

Will you hide yourself from us for ever?

Will your anger continue to burn like a fire?

47 Remember that my life is very short!

People are weak and their lives seem useless.

Why do you make people like that?

48 Nobody can continue to live and never die.

Nobody can escape from the power of death.

49 Lord, where is the faithful love

that you showed to us in past times?

Where are the blessings that you promised to David?

50 Lord, look at how people are insulting me!

People from all nations laugh at me, your servant.

51 Lord, your enemies insult the king that you have chosen.

Wherever I go, they insult me!

52 Praise the Lord as he deserves!

Yes! Amen! We agree!