Psalm 89:19-37

God's covenant with David

19 A long time ago, Lord,

you spoke to your servants.

In a vision, you said to them,

‘I have helped a brave soldier to be strong.

I have chosen as king

a young man from among the people.

20 I have found David, my servant.

I have poured my special oil on him,

to make him king.

21 I will help him with my power,

so that he is strong.

22 No enemy will win against him.

No cruel people will have power to hurt him.

23 I will destroy his enemies in front of him

I will kill those who hate him.

24 I will always be faithful

and show him my faithful love.

By my name he will win against his enemies.

25 I will cause his kingdom to reach

beyond the sea and the rivers.

26 The king will say to me, “You are my Father.

You are my God.

You protect me and you rescue me.”

27 Also, I will make him my firstborn son.

He will be the greatest of the kings of the earth.

28 I will always love him with my faithful love.

I will never change the covenant

that I have made with him.

29 Someone from his family will always be king.

They will rule for ever,

as long as there are skies above us.

30-31 But I will punish his descendants,

if they do not accept my laws.

If they do not obey my teaching, my rules, or my commands,

32 I will punish them.

Because of their sins,

I will give them much pain.

33 But I will not take my faithful love away from David.

I will always be faithful,

and I will do what I have promised to him.

34 I will not spoil the covenant that I have made with him.

I will always keep my promises.

35 I made that promise to David at one time,

and that will not change.

I promised him by my holy name

and I will never deceive him.

36 His descendants will always rule.

His kingdom will continue to be there for ever,

as long as the sun shines.

37 As the moon is always there in the sky,

to show that God is faithful,

David's kingdom will also continue.’