Psalm 54

David wrote this special song for the music leader. He must use stringed instruments. It was when the men of Ziph went to Saul and they said, ‘David is hiding with us.’

God keeps me safe

54:1Saul wanted to kill David. David went to Ziph to hide from Saul. Ziph was near where David's family lived. David gave help to the people of Ziph to fight their enemies. The enemies were the Philistines. But the men of Ziph betrayed David. This means that they told Saul where David was. This was wrong because:

– David had given them help

– David was one of their tribe (a tribe is like a big family).

A snake is an animal. In the Bible, it is often a picture of Satan. Satan is God's great enemy. When Jesus called people ‘snakes’, he meant that they were friends of Satan. ‘A snake in the grass’ is an enemy that you think is a friend. The men of Ziph were like this with David.

1 God, give me help because of your name.

Use your power to make me safe.

54:1The important word (or key word) in the psalm is ‘name.’ In verse 1 we read ‘because of your name.’ This means ‘because of all that your name means.’ What does God's name mean? It means many things, but one is that he will give help to his servants. In verses 6 and 7 we find the name again. But now it is different!

2 God, hear my prayer and listen to what I am saying.

3 Because my enemies are fighting against me

and cruel people are trying to kill me.

They do not think about God.


54:3In verses 1-3 David is asking for help because of God's name.

4 But God, listen and give me help!

Lord, it is you that keeps me alive!

5 Send back this evil to my enemies.

Because you love what is true, destroy them.

6 I want to sacrifice to you because I am free to do it.

I want to praise your name, Lord, because it is good.

7 Your name saved me from all my trouble.

When I looked at my enemies I saw that I had won the battle.

54:7In verses 4-7 David has received God's help, so he praises God's name.