Psalm 53

David wrote this special song for the music leader. Use the music called Mahalath.

People are wicked

53:1Psalm 53 is nearly the same as Psalm 14.

1 A fool thinks that there is no God.

People like that are bad.

They do evil things.

None of them does anything that is good.

2 God looks down from heaven

at the people on earth.

He wants to see if there is anyone who is really wise

and who wants to know God.

3 But they have all turned away.

They have all become evil.

Nobody does anything that is good,

not even one person.

4 People who do wicked things understand nothing.

They destroy my people

as easily as they eat bread.

They never pray to God.

5 But now they are very afraid

when there is nothing to be afraid of!

God has completely won against his enemies,

the people that attack you, his people.

God has turned against them,

so you are able to make them ashamed!

6 God, you are the one who saves your people, Israel!

Leave your home in Zion

and make your people strong again!

When God blesses his people,

Jacob's descendants will sing!

Yes, Israel's people will be very happy!

53:6Jacob's descendants and Israel's people are names for God's people. God changed Jacob's name to be ‘Israel’.