Psalm 26

This is a song that David wrote.

I do what is right

1 Lord, I always try to do what is right.

I continue to trust you all the time.

So please show that I am not guilty of wrong things.

2 Test me, Lord, and see how I have lived.

Look into my mind and see my thoughts.

3 I always know that I can trust you,

because of your faithful love.

So I live to please you.

4 I do not become a friend of people who tell lies.

I do not join together with hypocrites.

5 I keep away from any crowd of evil people.

I do not become a friend of wicked people.

6 I wash my hands as a sign

that I live in a pure way.

26:6To wash your hands was a sign that you lived in a good way. It showed that you had not done any wrong thing.

I will worship you at your altar, Lord.

7 I will sing aloud to thank you.

I will tell people about all the great things that you have done.

8 Lord, I love the temple that is your house.

It is the place where we clearly see your glory.

9 Do not take away my life,

as you do with sinners.

Do not punish me with death,

as you do with murderers.

10 Those wicked people are always ready to do evil things.

They use bribes to get what they want.

11 But I always try to do what is right.

Please save me and be kind to me!

12 Now I stand in a safe place.

I will praise the Lord

when his people meet together to worship him.