Psalm 27

This is a song that David wrote.

I trust God to keep me safe

27:1When life is difficult, we must remember the good times. When we think that God has forgotten us, we must remember the times when he came to help us. We must be like David. We must wait for the Lord. One day he will give us help. If we believe this, it will make us strong.

1 The Lord is my light and he makes me safe.

So I am not afraid of anyone!

The Lord takes care of my life.

Nobody can make me afraid!

2 Evil men are ready to attack me.

They want to destroy my body.

But when my enemies come against me,

they trip and fall to the ground!

3 Even if a whole army comes to fight against me,

I will not be afraid.

Even if they attack me in war,

I will continue to trust God.

4 There is one thing that I have asked the Lord to do for me.

This is the one thing that I really want:

I want to live in the Lord's house

all the days of my life.

Then I will clearly see the Lord's beauty.

I will pray to him in his temple.

5 When danger is near,

the Lord will keep me safe.

He will take care of me in his home.

He will put me in a safe place,

on the top of a high rock.

6 My enemies may be all round me,

but I will win against them.

They will see how strong I am!

I will offer sacrifices to the Lord in histemple.

I will be so happy that I will shout aloud!

Yes, I will sing to praise the Lord.

7 Lord, hear me when I call to you for help.

Be kind to me and answer me.

8 I have heard you say to me, ‘Come near to me.’

So I will come and pray to you, Lord.

9 Please do not turn away from me.

27:9Here the psalm changes. In verses 1-6, life was good for David. Now life is difficult. David thinks that God has forgotten him. But David continues to pray. He says, ‘You gave me help in the past – do not forget me now.’

I want to serve you,

so do not be angry with me.

You have always helped me in the past,

so do not push me away now.

You are the one who saves me, God,

so do not turn away from me.

10 Even if my father and my mother leave me,

the Lord would still take care of me.

11 Lord, please teach me to follow your way.

Lead me along a good, safe path,

because my enemies are waiting to attack me.

12 Do not give me to my enemies.

They say false things against me,

so that they can destroy me.

13 But I surely believe

that I will see how good the Lord is!

I will know his love while I still live in this world.

14 Wait for the Lord to help you!

Be strong and brave.

Yes, wait for the Lord to help you!