Psalm 20:1-9

We trust God to help us

20:1Soldiers may have sung this Psalm when they left Jerusalem to fight against their enemies. The king trusts that God will help him to win.

1 May the Lord answer you

when you are in trouble and you call to him for help.

May Israel's great God keep you safe.

2 He will send help to you from his holy place,

from his temple in Zion.

3 He will remember the gifts that you have offered to him.

He will accept your burnt offerings


4 May God give to you

all the things that you really want.

He will help you to do everything that you want to do.

5 Then we will be happy and we will shout aloud

when you win against your enemies.

We will wave our flags to praise our God.

Yes, I pray that the Lord will do for you

everything that you ask him to do.

6 Now I know that the Lord will save

the king that he has chosen.

God will agree to help him from his holy place in heaven.

God will use his great power to make his king safe.

7 Some people hope that their chariots will keep them safe.

Other people trust their horses to save them.

But we will trust in the name of the Lord our God.

8 Those people will fall down,

and they will not get up again.

But we will get up and stand again,

and we will be strong.

9 Lord, help the king to win against his enemies!

Please answer us when we ask you for help.