Psalm 19:1-14

God teaches us about himself

1 The heavens show us how great God is.

The sky above shows his good work.

2 Each day speaks about God,

until the next day continues the story.

Every night tells us how great God is.

3 They do not use words to speak with.

Nobody hears their voice.

4 But their message goes round all the earth.

Their words go to all the world.

God has made a home for the sun in the sky.

5 Each morning, the sun comes out,

like a happy man who has just married.

It comes out,

like a strong man who wants to run a race.

6 The sun rises at one end of the heavens.

It travels in a big circle to the other end.

Nothing can hide from its heat.

19:6Verses 1-6 tell us one way that God has shown us about himself. The things that he has made show us how great he is. Those things do not need to use words to teach us about God. We look at them and they show us that God is very great.

7 The law of the Lord is perfect.

It makes us strong again.

We can trust what the Lord teaches us.

He helps ordinary people to be wise.

8 The Lord's rules are always right.

If we obey them, they make us really happy.

The Lord's commands are completely good.

They show us how to live in a good way.

9 It is right for us to respect the Lord.

That will always help us.

The laws of the Lord are true.

They are right and fair.

10 They are more valuable than gold,

even the best gold.

They are sweeter than the best honey.

11 Your laws warn us to do what is right.

If we obey them, they are a great help to us.

19:11Verses 7-11 tell us another way that God teaches us about himself. In the Bible, God uses words to tell us his message. God tells us how we should live to make him happy. If we did not have the Bible, we would know that God is great but we would not know what pleases him. The Bible is a guide to us as we live, so that we do not turn against God.

12 Nobody realizes every time that they do something wrong.

Please forgive me for the sins that I do not know about.

13 Lord, stop me doing things that I know are wrong.

Do not let those sins rule my life.

Then I will not be guilty.

I will not have turned against you in a bad way.

14 Lord, I want to make you happy.

I want my words and my thoughts to please you.

You are my strong Rock

and you are my Redeemer.

19:14Verses 12-14 tell us how we should pray to God. We can never obey everything that he teaches us, so we need to ask him to forgive us. Only Jesus was perfect. Because Jesus died on the cross, God has a way to forgive us.