Psalm 15:1-5

1 Lord, who may stay with you,

in your own home?

Who may live there,

on your holy hill?

15:1Israelites worshipped God at his special home in Jerusalem, on Zion's hill. In David's time, God's home was in a tent. Later, King Solomon built God's Temple there.

2 It is the person who does only things that are right.

It is the person who lives in a completely good way,

and who speaks only what he knows is true.

3 That person says nothing bad against other people.

He does nothing that will hurt his friends,

nor does he insult them.

4 He does not respect wicked people,

but he does respect people who serve the Lord.

When he promises to do something,

he always does it.

5 He lends his money to help other people,

and he does not ask for more money in return.

He does not agree to receive a bribe,

to speak against people who have done nothing wrong.

Nothing will ever upset people who live in this way.