Psalm 16:1-11

God will help me

1 Please keep me safe, God,

because I come to you for help.

2 I have said to the Lord,

‘You are my Lord.

All the good things that I have in my life

are gifts from you.’

3 When I think about your own people who live in this land,

it makes me happy!

They are truly great people!

4 But many troubles will come

to people who choose to worship other gods.

I will not join with them

to offer gifts of blood to their gods.

I will never use the names of their gods

to make promises.

5 You, Lord, are all that I need.

What you give to me is enough,

for me and for my descendants.

6 Yes, you have given to me a good way of life.

Your gifts are better than good fields

or valuable land.

7 I will praise the Lord,

who is my guide through life.

In the dark nights,

you help me to learn what is right.

8 I will always trust the Lord to be with me.

He is very near to me,

so I will not be upset.

9 I am truly happy and I thank God.

I know that my life is safe with God.

10 You, Lord, will not leave me

in the deep hole of death.

As one who belongs to you,

you will not leave my body to spoil in the grave.

11 You will lead me along the path of life.

Because you are with me,

I am very happy.

I know that I will be with you for ever,

and that makes me very happy!