Proverbs 1:20-33

Wisdom warns foolish people

20 Listen! Wisdom is like a woman who shouts in the streets. She speaks loudly in the market places. 21 She shouts above the noise in the city's streets. She calls aloud at its gates. This is what she says:

22 ‘Listen to me!

Will you silly people continue to be so silly?

You people who laugh at God, will you always be like that?

Will fools always refuse to learn anything?

23 Listen to me as I warn you of danger!

Then I will let you know my thoughts.

I will let you hear my message.

24 I called out to you, but you refused to listen.

I reached out to you, but you turned your backs to me.

25 You would not accept my teaching.

When I warned you, you did nothing.

26 So, when trouble comes to you, I will laugh.

I will laugh at you when you are afraid.

27 Fear may hit you like a strong wind.

Trouble may knock you down, like a storm.

Your problems may make you very afraid.

But I will laugh at you.

28 Foolish people will call to me for help, but I will not answer.

They will look for me everywhere, but they will not find me.

29 They have refused to learn what is right.

They have refused to respect the Lord.

30 They have not agreed to my advice.

When I warned them, they turned away.

31 So now they will receive the trouble that they deserve.

Their own wicked ideas will make them sick.

32 Silly people have turned away from me, and that will kill them.

Fools like an easy life, and that will destroy them.

33 But whoever listens to me, Wisdom, will live safely.

That person will have peace in his mind.

He will not be afraid of trouble.’