Proverbs 2:1-22

The good results of wise teaching

1 My child, listen to my teaching. Think about my commands. 2 Listen carefully, so that you understand what wisdom really is. 3 Yes, always try to learn what is right. Never stop trying to understand. 4 Look for wisdom as carefully as you would look for silver, or valuable jewels.

5 Then you will understand how to respect the Lord with fear. You will learn all about God. 6 It is the Lord who gives wisdom to people. He teaches us to understand things, so that we know what is true. 7 He helps good people to be wise in how they live. And he keeps honest people safe. 8 He protects the lives of righteous people. He takes care of people who serve him faithfully.

9 So learn from God. Then you will understand what is right, true and fair. You will know the best way to live. 10 You will become wise in your thoughts. Your knowledge of what is right will make you happy.

11 You will know the right thing to do, and that will keep you safe. 12 You will not join with wicked people. You will keep away from those who speak false things. 13 Those people no longer follow honest ways. They live in dark places. 14 They enjoy doing wicked and evil things. 15 They only do wrong things. They are always deceiving others.

16 If you have wisdom, you will not listen to the sweet words of a prostitute. A woman who likes to have sex with many men will not deceive you. 17 That kind of woman leaves her own husband. She married him when she was young. Now she forgets what she promised to God at the time of her marriage.

18 Do not go into her house! If you do, you will be on the road to death. If you follow her, you will arrive at the home of the spirits of dead people. 19 Anybody who visits her will never return. He will never find the way back to a good life.

20 If you have wisdom, you will enjoy life, as good people do. You will live as righteous people live. 21 Good and honest people will continue to live in our land. 22 But God will remove wicked people from the land. He will throw out all those who are not faithful.