Proverbs 10

The Proverbs of Solomon

10:1This part of the Book of Proverbs (chapters 10 to 22) contains short proverbs. Most proverbs have two lines, and each proverb is one verse long.

1 These are the proverbs of Solomon.

A wise son makes his father happy. A fool makes his mother a sad woman.

2 If you are not honest, your money will not help you. But you should live in the way that God wants you to live. If you do that, it will save you from death.

3 The Lord will not let honest people be hungry. But he will not let bad people get what they want.

4 If a man is lazy, he will be poor. But if he does good work, he will be rich.

5 The man who cuts the plants in his field in the summer is a wise son. But another man sleeps when it is time to work in the field. That man causes his father to be ashamed.

6 God will do many good things for people who live good lives. The words of bad people hide the fact that they are very angry.

7 It is a pleasure to remember good people. But when bad people die, everyone will forget their name.

8 Wise people listen to wise rules. But a fool who talks too much will destroy himself.

9 Honest people are safe. But everyone will know about people who are not honest.

10 Someone who does not speak true words causes trouble. But a fool who talks too much will destroy himself.

11 The words of a good man are like the water that gives life. But the words of bad people hide the fact that they are very angry.

12 People who hate you cause quarrels. But love covers over all sins.

13 Wise people speak wise words, but punishment happens to silly people.

14 Wise people get all the wisdom that they can. But when fools speak, trouble is near.

15 Money keeps rich people safe. But poor people die because they do not have money.

16 The money that good people receive for their work keeps them alive. But what bad people receive is punishment.

17 People may tell a man that he is wrong. If he listens, he will live. But the man who refuses to listen is making a big mistake.

18 Some people say what is not true. They hide the fact that they hate other people. Anyone who says false things about other people is a fool.

19 The more you talk, the more possible it is for you to sin. If you are wise, you will keep quiet.

20 The words of a good person are like the best silver. The ideas of a bad person have no value.

21 The words of a good person will help many people. But you can kill yourself if you are not wise.

22 Good things from the Lord make you rich. And he does not make you sad at the same time.

23 A fool enjoys doing wrong things. But a wise man enjoys doing things that are right.

24 Bad people will get what they are afraid of. Good men will get what they want.

25 When the storm has finished, bad people are no longer there. But good people are always safe.

26 Do not send a lazy person with a message. He will be like bad wine to your teeth, or like smoke to your eyes.

27 If you are afraid of the Lord, you will live longer. Bad people die before their time.

28 What good people hope for makes them happy. What bad people hope for does not happen.

29 The Lord keeps honest people safe. But he punishes those who do wrong things.

30 Good people will always be safe. But bad people will not stay in the country.

31 Good people speak wise words. But the Lord will take away the tongue that speaks bad words.

32 Good people say kind things. But bad people say things that are not kind.