Proverbs 9

The wise woman and the silly woman

9:1This is the final poem that Solomon uses to teach his son. This poem contrasts a wise woman and a silly woman. Both women invite the simple people to a meal. If you accept the right invitation, then you will live. If you accept the other invitation, then you will die.

1 Wisdom is the name of the woman who has built her house. And she has made it beautiful.

2 She has prepared her meat and she has mixed her wine. Also, she has made her table ready.

3 She has sent her servants to shout out from the highest places in the town,

4 ‘Come in, you people who are not wise yet. Come in you people who are fools.

5 Come, eat my food. Drink the wine that I have mixed.

6 Leave the ways of fools. If you do, you will continue to live. Do what wise people do.’

7 Some people think that they are great. You may tell them that they should not say bad words. But they will say bad things about you. Do not tell a bad man that he is wrong. If you do, he will attack you.

8 Do not tell these people that they are wrong. If you do, they will hate you. You can tell a wise man that he is wrong. If you do, he will love you.

9 Anything that you say to wise men will cause them to be more wise. Good men will learn whatever you tell them.

10 To be afraid of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If you know the Holy God you will be wise.

11 Wisdom will give to you more days and even more years of life.

12 If you are wise, you will receive good things. But you may think that wise words are not important. If you do, bad things will happen to you.

13 Some women are not wise. They make a lot of noise. They do not know anything. They are like a woman who is not ashamed.

14 That kind of woman sits at the door of her house. Or she may have a seat at the highest part of the city.

15 She shouts out to people when they pass by. She shouts to those who want to go straight on their way.

16 ‘Anyone who is silly should come in here,’ she says. And she says to any man who has no wisdom,

17 ‘Water that someone did not get honestly seems better to drink. Food that someone eats secretly seems better to eat.’

18 But he does not know that dead people are there. Her visitors are down deep where dead people go.