Luke 9:51-56

People in a village in Samaria do not accept Jesus

51 The time came when God would soon take Jesus up to heaven. Jesus knew this, so he began to go towards Jerusalem. 52 He arrived near a village in the country of Samaria. He sent some people into the village with a message. They went to ask for a place to stay for the night. 53 But the people in the village would not let him stay there. This was because he was going to Jerusalem.

9:53The people in Samaria did not like Jews to stay in their village.

54 Then James and John heard about what had happened. They asked Jesus, ‘Master, do you want us to ask God to send fire down from the sky? Do you want us to kill these people?’

55 Jesus turned round. ‘No!’ he said, ‘Do not do that. That would be wrong.’ 56 Then they all went on to another village.