Luke 9:46-50

Who will be the most important?

46 Then the disciples began to argue with each other. They argued about which of them was the most important. 47 Jesus knew what they were thinking. So he took a child and he made him stand there at his side. 48 Jesus said, ‘If someone accepts this child because of me, then he also accepts me. And anyone who accepts me also accepts my Father God, who sent me. The person who makes himself the least important among you is really the greatest.’

9:48Jesus' friends were thinking that a child was not important. Jesus showed them that a child is important to God. The way that they accept a child shows if they understand this. We should not think that we are more important than other people.

49 John then said, ‘Teacher, we saw a man who was speaking to people that had bad spirits in them. He was saying, “Jesus says that you must come out.” We told the man that he must not do this. We said that because he is not in our group.’

50 ‘Do not try to stop him,’ Jesus said, ‘If someone is not against you, he is working to help you.’