Leviticus 26:14-46

People who do not obey the rules will not give any pleasure to the Lord

14 God will be angry if the people do not listen to him. He will be angry if they do not obey his rules. 15 The people may not respect or obey God's rules. So they will not be doing what they promised to him. 16 So God will send diseases to the people. They will be afraid. The people will have diseases in their eyes. They will get thin and they will die. They will plant their seed and their enemies will eat the fruit. 17 God will fight against you. Your enemies will win the war. They will become your rulers. Your soldiers will run away even when nobody is running after them.

18 The people may not obey God even after this. If they do not, God will punish them seven times more strongly. 19 He will make them ashamed. He will not send any rain and the land will be hard and dry. 20 Even if they do a lot of work, no grain will grow. No fruit will grow on the trees.

21 The people may still not listen to God. If they do not, he will be seven times more angry. If they do not obey him, he will cause their lives to be seven times more difficult. 22 He will send wild animals to kill their children and their animals. The land will be almost empty.

23 The people may still not listen to God. If they do not, he will be angry. 24 He will become their enemy. If they do not obey him, he will punish them seven times more strongly. 25 He will send enemy soldiers to kill the people. They have not done what they promised to do. So he will punish them for that. If they go back to their cities, he will send them diseases. The enemy will win the war. 26 The people will not have any food. A woman will bake one loaf for ten families. They will weigh it to give one part to each family. When a person eats his piece of bread, he will still be hungry.

27 If the people still turn away from God, he will be even more angry. They will not turn away from their sin. 28 So he will turn away from them. He will punish them seven times more again. 29 They will be so hungry that they will eat their own children. 30 The Lord will destroy the places where they worship false gods. He will destroy their very bad incense altars. He will put their dead bodies round their idols. He will hate them. 31 He will destroy the cities. He will destroy the places for wrong worship. Nobody will burn incense to give the Lord pleasure. 32 God will destroy the land. He will cause the enemies who live in your land to hate it. 33 God will push you out. He will send your people away to other countries. He will destroy your cities. And he will make your land a desert. 34 The land will have a Sabbath rest while there are no people in it. 35 All the time that it is empty, the land will have rest. It will have the Sabbath rest that it did not have. It did not have it when you lived in it.

36 Some of Israel's people will remain in other countries. They will be frightened. A leaf that is blowing in the wind will cause them to run away. It will be like when an enemy is running after them. They will fall even if no enemy is running after them. 37 They will fall over each other when nobody is running after them. They will not be strong enough to fight their enemies. 38 They will die in the countries where they are living. Those countries will cause their deaths. 39 Those who remain here will die because of their sins. They will die because their ancestors did not obey God.

40 Your sons and your grandsons must tell me, the Lord, that they are sorry. They must be sorry because they did not obey my rules. They must be sorry that they turned away from me. 41 They must remember that they made me angry. They caused me to turn away from them. I am the Lord, and I sent them into their enemies' country. They will be sorry until I have punished them enough. 42 Then I will remember my covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I will remember that I gave their land to them. 43 Before this, the land will be empty and it will have a rest. My people will pay for the bad things that they did. 44 But I, the Lord, will not kill all of them. The people will be living in their enemies' country. Then I will remember them. I will not leave them alone. I will remember my covenant with them. I am the Lord, their God. 45 I will remember my covenant with their ancestors that I brought out of Egypt. The people of other nations saw me do this. I am the Lord.’

46 These are the rules that the Lord gave to Moses on Sinai mountain. They are his covenant with Israel's people.

26:46See Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 6.