Leviticus 25:35-26:13

People who have a lot of money must lend it to the poor people

35 An Israelite may become poor. He may not be able to feed his family. You must help him. You would help a visitor or a foreigner in the same way. You must help the man so that he can continue to live among you. 36 The man must not pay back more than you gave to him. You must obey your God. 37 The person who is feeding the man might give money or food to him. He must not ask for more back than he gave. 38 I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt. I brought you into this land to be your God.

39 If an Israelite becomes poor, he might sell himself to you. But he must not work for you as a slave. You must pay him to work as your servant. 40 He must work for you until the next Jubilee year. 41 In the Jubilee year, you will make him free. He and his children can go back to his own home and family. 42 Israel's people belong to God. I took them out of Egypt. They must not be slaves. 43 You must be kind to all Israelites. Remember to obey your God.

44 Israel's people can buy male and female slaves. Those slaves must come from other countries. 45 And Israelites can buy people from other countries who live among them. They may have children who were born in your land. You can buy them. They will become slaves. 46 You can give the slaves to your children when you die. But you must rule Israel's people in a kind way.

47 A person from another country may become rich. Then he might buy an Israelite who became poor. But the poor man can buy himself back at any time. 48 A person from the family of the poor man can buy him back. 49 A brother or a cousin of the poor man can buy him back. If the poor man becomes rich, he can pay to make himself free. 50 The man and the person who bought him must count the time until the Jubilee year. The man must pay the right amount of money to be free. 51 The Jubilee year may be many years away. If it is, the man must pay a lot of money to be free. 52 There may be a few years until the Jubilee year. If there are, he has to pay only a small amount of money to be free. 53 The person who has bought the man must pay him each year. You must cause the rich man to be kind to the man.

54 Perhaps nobody will pay any money for the man. But the man who bought him must make him free in the Jubilee year. 55 Israel's people belong to me. I brought them out of Egypt. They are my servants. I am the Lord.

Leviticus 26

1 You must not make idols from stones and worship them. You must not draw things on stones and bend down in front of them. I am the Lord your God.

2 You must rest on Sabbath days and you must keep them holy. You must respect God's house. I am the Lord.

3 The people must carefully obey the rules. 4 If they do, I will send rain at the proper time. Plants for food will grow in the ground. Fruit will grow on your trees. 5 The people will harvest grain until the grapes are ready to eat. They will harvest the grapes until it is the time to plant seeds. They will have all the food to eat that they need. I will keep them safe in their land.

6 I will stop war in Israel. When the people sleep, they will not be afraid. I will take the wild animals away. Other people will not hurt my people. 7 Israel's enemies will run away from them. They will kill their enemies. 8 Five of you will run after 100 of them. And 100 of you will run after 1,000 enemies. You will kill all your enemies.

9 I will do good things for your people and I will give many children to them. Their number will grow. I will do everything that I have promised to do for them. 10 They will have so much food that some will remain after the next harvest. 11 I will have my home among you, my people. I will never turn away from them. 12 I will walk among the people. They will belong to me. 13 I am the Lord your God. I brought you out of Egypt. You will not be the slaves of people in Egypt. I saved you so that you need not be ashamed.