Job 5:1-27

Eliphaz continues to speak to Job

1 ‘Shout for help, Job! But no one will answer you.

None of the angels will come to help you.

2 Foolish people may be angry and jealous.

That is what kills them.

3 I have seen fools who seemed to be successful.

But suddenly a curse destroyed their homes.

4 Their children are never truly safe.

The judge says that they are guilty,

and nobody saves them from punishment.

5 Hungry people take their crops to eat.

They even take them from among the weeds.

Thirsty people take the fool's money for themselves.

6 Problems do not grow like plants in our fields.

Trouble does not come up from the ground.

7 But trouble comes to everyone, as soon as they are born.

It is as certain as smoke that rises from a fire.

8 I suggest that you ask God to help you.

You should tell him about your problems.

9 He does great things that nobody can understand.

He does more miracles than anyone can count.

10 He gives rain for the earth.

He sends water for the fields.

11 He gives honour to humble people.

When people are suffering, he puts them in a safe place.

12 He stops the ideas of clever people.

They cannot do what they want to do.

13 When wise people try to do clever things,

he causes those things to give them trouble.

He quickly stops their clever ideas.

14 In the middle of the day, it becomes dark for those people.

At midday, they see no better than blind people.

15 He saves poor people when wicked people attack them.

He rescues weak people from the power of strong people.

16 So poor people can hope for justice.

Wicked people have to be quiet.

17 If Almighty God warns you to do what is right,

he has blessed you.

So do not be upset when he decides to do that.

18 He may cause you to have pain,

but he will make you well again.

He may hurt you,

but he will also give you health.

19 If trouble comes to you six times, he will rescue you.

No bad thing will hurt you, as often as it happens.

20 If there is a time of famine,

he will keep you alive.

He will protect you from death in a time of war.

21 If people insult you, he will take care of you.

When people attack you, you will not be afraid.

22 In times of danger and famine, you will be brave.

You will not be afraid of wild animals.

23 The stones in your fields will not give you trouble.

The wild animals will not attack you.

24 You will know that your home is strong and safe.

When you check all your land,

you will see that all your animals are safe.

25 You will know that your children will be very many.

You will have as many descendants as the grass that grows in the ground.

26 You will not die until you are old.

You will grow with strength until you die,

like crops that grow until the time of harvest.

27 We have thought carefully about these things.

We know that they are true.

So listen to what we say.

Accept it and it will be good for you.’