Job 6:1-30

Job replies to Eliphaz

6:1Now Job tells Eliphaz that he has not done any wrong things. His friends have disappointed him because they have not been able to help him. And he is angry with God, too.

1 Then Job replied:

2 ‘It is not possible to measure my troubles

or to weigh my pains!

3 If it were possible to weigh them, they would be heavier than all the sand on the shore.

That is why I have spoken so quickly. And I did not think before I spoke.

4 The Almighty has shot his arrows at me.

Their poison is in my body. I am very afraid of what God is going to do to me.

5 A wild donkey is quiet when it has grass to eat.

An ox does not make a loud noise when it has food.

6 You cannot enjoy food that has no salt in it.

If you only eat the white part of an egg, it will not be very nice.

7 I refuse to eat food like that.

Whatever I eat makes me ill.

8 God will not give me what I ask for. I want to know why this is.

When I pray he does not answer.

9 I want to die. And I have prayed that God would kill me.

10 I have had much pain. But I know that God is holy.

And I have always done what he has told me to do.

So, because I know that, I am ready to die.

11 I am not strong enough to hope for a better life.

There is no reason why I should be patient.

12 I am not as strong as stone.

God did not make my body from bronze.

13 I am not strong enough to help myself.

And there is nowhere that I can go to get help.

14 When a man has many troubles, his friends should be kind to him.

Friends who are not like that have stopped being afraid to make God angry.

15 But, my friends, you are not here to help me when I need you.

You are like some rivers. Sometimes there is water and sometimes there is no water.

16 In the spring, the sun warms the ice and the snow and there is a lot of water.

17 But in the summer, there may be no rain. And the sun is so hot that there is no water.

18 Travellers get lost when they go to look for water.

They leave the proper paths and they die in the desert.

19 Travellers from Tema look for water. Traders from Sheba look for water.

But they are all disappointed.

20 They are sad, because they had hoped to find water.

But when they arrive, they are disappointed.

21 You are like those streams.

You see what has happened to me. And you are afraid.

22 I have never asked you to send me a gift.

Nor have I asked you to pay money so that I could be free.

23 I have not asked you to save me from my enemy.

Nor have I asked you to help me get free from cruel people.

24 Tell me things that are true. Then I will be quiet.

Tell me if I have done something wrong.

25 The true words that an honest man speaks will make the listener sad.

You may argue with me. But the things that you say mean nothing.

26 You do not believe me when I speak to you. So you should not try to argue with me.

There is nothing more that I can hope for in this life. You know that.

27 But you would sell to be slaves, children who had no parents.

You would even sell your best friend.

28 But now, please look at me.

I only tell you things that are true.

29 Please think again about what you say.

Think again. I want people to know that I am an honest man.

30 The things that I say are true.

I know what is right. And I know what is wrong.’