Isaiah 12

Isaiah's song to God

1 You will say in that day, ‘I praise you, Lord. You were angry with me, but now, you are not angry with me. Now you are being kind to me.

2 Listen! God has made me safe! I will continue to trust him. And I will not be afraid because the Lord, yes, the Lord, has made me strong. He is the person that I am singing about. He has made me safe.’

3 You will enjoy the fact that you are safe. It will be like when people happily get water from good wells.

4 And you will say in that day, ‘Praise the Lord! Shout aloud his name! Tell everybody what God has done. Cause them to remember that he is very great.

5 Sing psalms to the Lord because he has done wonderful things! Cause everyone in the world to know it!

6 Everyone who lives in Zion, shout! And sing because you are very happy! The Holy God of Israel is great and he is living with you.’