Isaiah 11

The good king, called the Branch, that God will send

1 The part of the Tree of Jesse that is still there will start to grow. Then a Branch will grow from the part of it that is under the ground.

2 The Spirit of the LORD will come on him. It will be:

· a spirit that knows what is right; and one that knows what things mean

· a spirit that tells people the right thing to do and one that has authority

· a spirit that knows everything and one that is afraid to make the LORD angry.

3 To obey the LORD will give pleasure to the Branch. He will not decide about things (only) with what his eyes see. He will not decide (only) with what his ears hear.

4 But what he decides about poor people will be with justice. Also, he will decide about people who are not powerful. He will be fair. He will punish bad people and his words will kill them.

5 He will wear true justice like a belt round him. He will also wear like clothes the fact that he is always there.

6 Wolves will live with young sheep! And leopards will lie down with young goats! Young cows and lions will feed together and young children will lead them!

7 Cows and bears will feed together and their young animals will lie down together. And lions will eat dry grass like cows.

8 And a small baby will play near the hole where a dangerous snake lives. And a young child will put his hand on to the home of another dangerous snake.

9 They will not hurt nor kill each other in all my holy mountain. Then everyone on the earth will know the LORD like water fills the sea.

10 In that day, the ancestor of Jesse will be a like a sign to all people. Other countries will come to him. And the place where he lives will be wonderful.

11 And on that day, my Lord will do something for the second time. He will save the remnant of his people who are still alive. He will take them from Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Elam, Shinar, Hamath and from countries by the sea.

12 The Lord will lift up a sign for those countries to see. He will bring together the people from Israel that enemies took away. He will bring back the exiles of Judah from all over the earth.

13 Ephraim will not still be angry with Judah and Judah will not still attack Ephraim. Ephraim will not still want what Judah has. Also, Judah will not cause trouble for Ephraim again. And Judah's enemies will all be dead.

14 But together they will attack the low hills of Philistia to the west. They will beat the people to the east of Israel. They will fight against Edom and Moab, and the people in Ammon will obey them.

15 The LORD completely destroyed part of the Sea of Egypt. He will lift his hand over the River. Then he will send a hot wind that burns things. It will make the river into 7 streams, so that people can cross it with dry feet.

16 And there will be a good road from Assyria for the remnant. They are the LORD's people who remain. It will be as good a road as when Israel came up from Egypt.